Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have tried to answer or address some common concerns with our customers that we have encountered over the years.

A: A standard tennis court is 60’x 120’ and a stadium court is 70’ x 130’. Regulation tennis courts may vary slightly in size as may residential and HOA tennis courts.

A: Tennis courts should be resurfaced approximately every five years based on court condition and personal preference.

A: Tennis court maintenance includes the following:
Power washing to remove dirt, dust, sap and other substances from surface.
Electric of gas blower for the removal of leaves, small branches and puddles.
Repair cracks and low spots “bird baths” as necessary.
Resurface as necessary ensure vibrant colors and consistent bounce.

A: The court color will not effect how the court plays. However, the court surface temperatures will vary as darker colors will absorb more sunlight than lighter colors.

A: The speed of the court is determined by the amount, shape, and size of sand mixed in the top paint coats. The more sand, the grittier or more textured the surface, which “grabs” the tennis ball more on impact, and therefore slows down the ball. Less sand will result in a smoother surface and faster play. Wind and rain will slowly remove texture from the court surface over time also resulting in a faster court.

A: The greatest enemy of windscreens is exposure to water from a sprinkler system. The water exposure causes staining of the screens and accelerates the deterioration and tearing of the material.
You can also add to the life of your windscreens by making sure they are firmly attached to the fencing with zip ties through the grommet holes. A section of loose windscreen flaps in the wind and will deteriorate and tear.
When replacing windscreens try to do all of them at once, as one new windscreen section suddenly makes the existing panels look older and in worse condition.
Black and Dark Green windscreen have a greater life expectancy than other colors.
The best value (cost versus life expectancy) windscreen is open mesh polypropylene and vinyl coated polyester (vcp) windscreen with a border hem and grommets spacing approximately every 12” to 24 “.

A: TMany older tennis courts have the style lights. The lighting is often not energy efficient and does an inadequate job of uniformly lighting the courts. Desired lighting is a minimum of 60+ foot candles on the playing surface without and dark zones. Most facilities and residential courts are moving toward LED Lighting.

A: As you might imagine, every build has its unique charateristics and challenges. We do our best to minimize our construction times, and we will be in full communication with all interested parties regarding timeline and schedules.

A: Yes, we are a full member of the purchasing CoOp BuyBoard as well as TIPS Texas Interlocal Purchasing System.

A: Yes, we are a full member of the purchasing CoOp TIPS Texas Interlocal Purchasing System as well as BuyBoard.

A: Yes, we are a full member of the purchasing CoOp TIPS Texas Interlocal Purchasing System as well as BuyBoard.

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